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QSTI - Qualified Source Testing Individual

Aeros Environmental actively participates in the

Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI)

certification program conducted by the

Source Evaluation Society (SES).




All Directors and Managers in the

Technical Operations Department

are QSTI certified.  Field Testing

Team Leaders are also certified.

Annual SES Conference


Aeros Environmental, Inc. believes in providing the highest quality services in a cost effective and timely manner.  By incorporating an expansive Quality Management System into our daily operations, Aeros continuously meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.  Excellence in the workplace is promoted by providing all employees with the knowledge, training and tools necessary to allow for the completion of accurate and timely work.

We've implemented a continual improvement philosophy within the Quality Management System.  Opportunities for improvement of operations and processes are identified by

managers on a continual basis from ongoing

feedback on operations and through

management reviews.  Every employee is

encouraged to suggest new ideas for

improving services, processes, systems,

productivity and the working environment.  

Feedback from our clients is always welcome.

SES SSSAAP Conference

Aeros regularly sends delegates to the Source Evaluation Society's (SES) annual Stationary Source Sampling and Analysis for Air Pollutants (SSSAAP) Conference.  The conference offers a unique platform for discussions with emissions measurement professionals from industrial

source  operations,

regulatory agencies and

source testing firms within

a highly interactive setting.

Technical sessions focus on

emerging issues resulting from

complex interactions between regulatory developments, evolving testing and measurement technologies, industrial source operator perspectives and changing needs, field and laboratory problem-solving, data management and data quality objectives; all of which shape our current reality and the future of our roles and respective disciplines.

Aeros Environmental’s management is committed to complying with ASTM D7036 Standard Practice for Competence of Air Emissions Testing Bodies.  Incorporating this standard into our Quality Management System ensures we deliver data of known and documented quality on a consistent basis, regardless of the test method used.  The Company has created a full suite of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all air emissions test methods, laboratory analyses methods and various other operations that it performs.

ASTM D7036

Regulatory Authority Certifications

We have received formal certification as an approved contractor to perform source emissions testing with the California

Air Resources Board (CARB)

and the South Coast Air

Quality Management

District (SCAQMD)

Laboratory Approval

Program (LAP).