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The Field Testing Division is able to respond to your on-site source testing needs through the mobilization of our knowledgeable field testing teams, each in their own mobile testing unit.  Our expansive fleet of test vans, as well as an instrument monitoring enclosure especially suited for offshore platforms and other areas with space and transportation restrictions, are built to last.  Each unit can be outfitted with a diverse range of gas analyzers, wet test sampling kits, on-site chemical analysis kits and a myriad of support items capable of delivering dependable results.


Aeros Environmental, Inc. has the ability to perform a multitude of test methods on a wide range of stationary sources.  Quality is the key focus when selecting equipment.  The selection process is based on equipment accuracy, response, reliability and durability.  We only contract with calibration gas vendors who participate in EPA’s Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP) for stationary source monitoring.   Our rigorous inspection and calibration procedures guarantee the quality that regulatory agencies and our clients have come to expect.

Analytical Laboratory Division

Our Bakersfield facility houses a full-service analytical laboratory.  It includes dedicated

areas for performing gas chromatography analyses and wet chemistry analyses.  Our lab

is designed to streamline efficiency and maximize quality.  Daily operation and calibration of our equipment allows us to maintain instrumentation that is always immediately available for your analysis needs, including rush projects.

Field Testing Division