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Employee Empowerment

At Aeros, we strongly believe that each employee shares an obligation to prevent incidents and protect the environment. We expect our employees to conduct business in a way that actively integrates all applicable elements of our safety program into our daily operations.  Immersion in our safety culture begins on the first day of employment.  Throughout their careers our staff receive wide-ranging training – from ergonomics to regulatory compliance instruction – conveyed through quarterly safety meetings and on-site verification and validation procedures.

Our EHS management system is founded on the belief that all occupational incidents can be prevented.  To support this belief, Aeros is committed to:

Aeros Environmental, Inc. strives to create a safe work environment for our employees, our clients’ employees and surrounding communities.  The goal of these efforts is an incident-free workplace.  Through these principles we empower our workforce to make safety a core value.

• Ensuring that all employees understand

  roles, responsibilities and performance

  expectations for environmental and safe

  work practices


• Meeting or exceeding clients’ EHS



• Holding employees accountable for their EHS

  performance and recognizing those who

  show leadership in performance



• Setting meaningful goals to ensure

  continuous improvement and measuring

  progress toward these goals


• Auditing our systems, processes and facilities

  for compliance with laws, regulations and

  internal procedures.

Aeros is an active member of ISNetworld and BROWZ.  We are enrolled in the DMV Employer Pull Notification (EPN) Program.  We are fully compliant with all applicable Cal/OSHA, OSHA, and MSHA standards.  Our employees hold certifications in:

• MSHA Parts 48 & 46


• Aerial Lift Operation


• Defensive Driver


• CPR, AED and First Aid


• Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)


• Fire Safety & Hands-On Fire    



• HAZMAT- First Responder

  Awareness Level


• Transportation Worker

  Identification Credential (TWIC)

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